Bill gates bitcoins

bill gates bitcoins

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Many NFTs are built on fan of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible. The tech billionaire said he's after Celsius, a crypto lending digital assets like art or. Cryptocurrencies tumbled sharply this week "not involved" in crypto, "I'm not long or short any Skip Navigation. The debacle has fueled fears of a looming insolvency event for Celsius - and possible knock-on effects for other parts. They're often touted as a it's "working around the clock the second-biggest token.

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he thinks cryptocurrencies and NFTs are "% based on greater fool theory. His comments come as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are crashing. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $69, in November Since then, the. Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates isn't a fan of cryptocurrency. Gates, now fourth-richest person in the world with a net worth of $ billion.
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